Finding the Time.

Closeup of the gears inside of a clock.

One complaint I hear a lot is “I can’t find the time to write.”


What you’re looking for is always right at hand. Time doesn’t slip away. Time marches as steady as it did in the eons before you were born and will continue to for eons after you’re gone.

Your attention is what slips away. The trick is to reach out and grab it when it wanders too far. Difficult as it may be, it can be done. And you can learn to do it. You cannot wrangle time and bend it to your will, but you can learn to control yourself.

Even if you’re cramming so much into your life you don’t have hours-long blocks of time, you can still write. Make sentences in your head. Speak them into your phone. Type out a paragraph while sipping your coffee. How long does creativity take?

Better yet, take the time you use to make excuses and write a few sentences instead. At least then, at the end of the day, you’ll have more than a bunch of reasons why you aren’t you getting anything done.